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Get Funds to Build Your Business from Ground Up

You had an idea and you believed enough in it to turn it into a business. However, you need resources to turn this into a proper business and help the world benefit from its services and products. You are in the right place. We have the best angel investors who are willing to invest on the basis of equity sharing, revenue sharing, and debt financing.

Invest in the Most Reliable and Rapidly Growing Businesses

Are you an investor looking for a way to grow your investment manifolds without waiting for decades? You have come to the right place because we have shortlisted the most reliable businesses that have shown the best potential for fast growth for your investments. Make the most of your investments through a platform trusted by thousands.

Why Shahar Shuchmacher?

There is no dearth of companies that are serving as online platforms for angel investments in both directions, but there are many factors that make us stand apart.

Focusing on High-tech Companies Investments

At Shahar Shuchmacher, we believe the future belongs to the companies that are investing in growing, inventing, and bettering a diverse range of technologies. These companies present and progress on the basis of VR, automation, AI, digitalization, etc., based solutions. We readily accept pitches from such companies and find investors for them.

Focused on High-tech Companies

We have a focus on high-tech companies because of how viable the future is for them. These are the companies with the greatest growth for potential in the modern world. Not to mention, they are all about innovation and invention, the thing today’s users need the most.

Handpicked Prospects

We have a strict procedure consisting of several sub-processes to pick angel investors as well as startups. At Shahar Shuchmacher, we offer trust to both investors and startups that are looking for investments. You aren’t shooting your arrows in the dark with us.

Built By Entrepreneurs

We aren’t supporting any trends or making our way into a fad. We are serious about angel investments because the creator of this platform has been an entrepreneur himself. Shahar Shuchmacher knows the woes faced by startups because he has been in this position himself.

Established Entity

Providing a platform to angel investors and startups is a huge responsibility and a sensitive matter. Both parties need to trust the other side, and we are here to make sure of that. Our years of service in the industry make us one of the most reliable angel investment platforms for you.

Transparent and Trustable

Our processes are transparent. Angel investors can view complete profiles of the startups that they wish to invest in. Startups can trust our angel investors because we have picked them after a proper vetting process. Transparency is one of the strengths of our platform.


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