About Shahar Shuchmacher

Our angel investment initiative is an extension of the ideas and dreams of Shahar, who has been active throughout his life, looking for new opportunities, performing a variety of roles, and always progressing to something better. Currently the shareholder of a Cyprus Intellectual Property Company, he has spent years serving the public in various roles. 

He has worked as a freelance lawyer after being accepted as a member of the Israeli Bar Association. More importantly, he has worked with various funds and companies, performing managerial, strategizing, planning, and procedural tasks. His experience as a business development expert and as a CEO at Study Fund of Minhal has given him the upper hand over other experts serving the angel investment and startup funding sector.

Shahar’s Dream

Shahar’s dream, after pushing himself to the limits of his potential, is to provide an easy pathway to those who are working for the spread and betterment of technology around the world. The key players in this role are the high-tech companies and startups that are destined to disrupt the status quo and bring forth highly advanced tech-oriented solutions in a variety of fields. 

He also knew that startups and angel investors were always operating in different markets and their isolated chambers. He wanted to create a platform where both sides could connect with each other and help each other with their requirements and needs. That dream resulted in the creation of shaharshuchmacher.com.

The Mission

The mission of the company is to keep exploring new opportunities for both ends of the market i.e., angel investors and startups that need funds to grow. It is the constant and continuous exploration and discovery of new potential and prospects that will keep this sector populated with ample investment, funding, and capital seeding opportunities.

The Vision

Shahar Shuchmacher aims to be the most reliable online platform where angel investors and startups that need investments can meet. More importantly, it is targeting to be a platform that keeps its focus on high-tech companies that are disruptive to the existing tech-based solutions for pursuing even better, progressive, and convenient solutions.

The Values

No company can operate in the market and deliver value to customers without having well-set-out values. We are proud to have values that make us stand out from the competition and allow us to be a great solution for our clients.

· Transparency

We are transparent, and so are all the processes on our platform. You know where your funds are going, and you very well know what the potential on the other side is.

·  Integrity

We uphold certain values that make our platform equally valuable for investors and startups. We stick to those values regardless of various types of pressure.

· Quality

Whether it’s an investor or a startup looking for seeding funds, we make sure each entity goes through a strict process for us to know they are legitimate, reliable, and trustable.

· Progressive

We are not stagnant whether you are looking for investment opportunities or startups to locate your funds for high returns. Shahar Shuchmacher is always progressing to be better.

Get in touch with us and have your queries and questions addressed.