How It Works

One of the most important questions that need to be answered is how it all works. Whether you want to invest in a great new idea or need funding to launch your business in the right market and at the right time, you need to know how the platform works. Any company can appear on the digital map and tell you that they will get you the funding you need, but it doesn’t mean you should trust them just like that. The right company has a proper process in place that is not only meant to help both sides but also win their trust. Here is how things work for you based on the type of account you start with us.

Angel Investors

Are you an angel investor looking for some lucrative opportunities so you can get a good return on your investment as soon as possible? Here’s how our platform will work for you.

·  Open an Angel Investor Account

You have to open an account specifically as an angel investor. Give out your details for us to know who you are. In addition to that, you will have to define your goals, upload your portfolio on the website, and update any details that you think will help startups take up your offer.

·  Define Your Goals

You will have to define your goals. Firstly, tell us why you want to invest in startups. There is a huge difference between the two investors in terms of their mentality. Some are all about getting a great return on their investments, whereas some are all about promoting a certain technology, and they are willing to go above and beyond to support a startup that’s working on that technology.

·  Go through Startup Profiles

Once you have created your account and portfolio, you will have several startups to choose from on our website. These startups have been selected after a thorough process in which we look at their business ideas, their sales pitches, documentation, and everything that can help us know more about them.

In short, we make sure that every business listed on our website is a reliable business with proper documentation. This allows us to win your trust and provide you with options that have the potential to bring returns on your investments.


Have you just turned your idea into a business, or are you going through this process? Are you in need of an angel investor who can understand your business and provide you with the initial seed funding? Sign up with us, and you will have plenty of options.

·  Sign up with a Startup Account

If you are a startup business looking for investment, you will have to create a startup account with us. This gives you access to all the tools that are necessary for startups to get the funding they need to turn their ideas into real solutions and practical services and products.

·  Create a Proper Sales Pitch

Now that you have signed up with a start account, you will have to create a proper sales pitch. This is the pitch that investors will look at before they get in touch with you. Make sure it is a proper pitch that shows not only your passion for the solution but how much practical work you have done for it.

You will have to provide us with the documentation of your startup as well. This allows us to have only legitimate businesses on our platform.

· Set a Target and Get Funded

Once you have set up a profile of your business and put together an impressive pitch, you can now set a target and start getting funding for it. Keep in touch with your investors, so they know they are investing in real and alive people.

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