Our Story

The story of the company begins with the dream of Shahar Shuchmacher, who has traveled the path of life for years, learning about different careers, industries, and sectors. He worked in a variety of companies with hundreds of different people. From planning, strategizing, and managing funds for those companies to being their chairperson, he has seen it all. He even worked as a lawyer, and his freelancer lawyer services were available to the public. After exploring all of these venues, he finally took the step of becoming a shareholder at a Cyprus Intellectual Property Company and discovered his knack for tech solutions.

There Was a Lacking

Despite there being a lot of talk about technology, you will be shocked to know that more companies fail to make their way into this space than those that do. If you are a tech company with an advanced solution to old or new problems, you will find it hard to obtain the funds that are necessary for you to even set foot in this sector.

For this reason, only a few companies are ruling the tech realms, and this means the progress is set to their pace. If they move fast, the world will see new technological solutions come fast. If they move slowly, the entire growth of tech around them will slow down too.

Take the example of the spread of solar solutions. So many electricity companies have kept solar solutions on the back burner because they thought they would lose business. Otherwise, the entire world could have been running on solar energy today.

At the end of the day, it makes sense to give more new companies and startups the space they need. They have to be given the opportunity to grow and turn their ideas into reality.

The founders of the company realized this lacking and were quick to create something that filled this huge gap in the market.

We Created the Much-needed Platform

To make sure there is a representation for startups so they can get the funds they need right in the beginning and to ensure that angel investors are able to find the right businesses to invest in, there needs to be a reliable platform. The platform should be from the people who understand the challenges of both sides. In other words, the industry needs people who have been entrepreneurs themselves and have also been investors.

That’s where Shahar Shuchmacher makes the biggest difference. We are here to provide a common ground for both parties to find each other and take the next steps in their endeavors. There could be other companies too, but we set ourselves apart from the rest by being a company of founders who have been investors themselves, and they understand the very needs of startups.

We Focused on the Right Areas

We are all about technology and high-tech companies that are supposed to change the world and bring more convenience to the lives of people all around the world. These are the companies that stand to make a difference. However, we don’t have enough of these companies, and hence the pace of progress and innovation seems to be slow.

We realized these trends, and the creators of this platform were quick to judge where things were lacking. They focused on high-tech companies, and to this day, their angel investment endeavors are more focused on high-tech companies than any other types of companies.

We Will Change the Game

Now that we have a platform, a strict set of rules for both investors and startups, the trust needed by both parties, and the legitimacy of the platform, we are ready to change the game because we know when we change the game, you do too.